Is Solution Selling Dead?

Uncategorized Jul 25, 2019

For anyone selling to B2B decision makers this is a fantastic review to read

The review which was commissioned by Harvard Business Review looks at what B2B decision makers want from sales teams today and whether solution selling has become obsolete.

I would highly suggest reading the full article however if you are short of time here is a short video and blog which will summarise the review for you.

The main finding in the review is that  solution selling has indeed become obsolete. The verdict was, in large part, founded on the argument that B2B buyers are coming to the table more prepared and better educated than ever before.

In many cases, they’ve already honed in on a desired solution and, as a result, they no longer appreciate a solution selling approach that relies on open-ended questions aimed at diagnosing their needs.


However the review also identified that while traditional solution selling is still dead, the changing B2B landscape has given rise to a new best-in-breed sales methodology: Outcome/Insight selling. 


The review also touch on  traditional consultative and relationship selling and found that although building relationships and taking more or a consultancy role with customers today is still incredibly important it also stated that “Traditional Consultative & Relationship Selling Are No Longer Enough For Sellers To Win & Win Consistently


The review concluded that the IT industry is calling for a unique approach to sales…..

A new generation of outcome based selling experts that provide valuable insights & learning for the buying journey ahead.


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