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Uncategorized Jul 11, 2019

Social Media is an incredibly powerful way for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to build trust, demonstrate their expertise and win more business.

Why is it, therefore, that there are SO few MSPs who are using social media successfully? And many IT businesses are actually not using social media at all!

Richard Tubb, a dear friend of mine and MSP growth expert invited me to join his live panel discussion to discuss this topic in more detail. The live video and call in was recorded in the studios at the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and was organised by one of our academy sponsors Avast.

Also joining myself and Richard on the Panel was:-

  • Robert Gibbons, Head of Managed Services, Evaris Solutions Plc
  • Claire Jenks, Head Designer, Claire Jenks Design

On the show, we talked about how MSPs can use social media to effectively find new clients and grow their business. We took the audience’s questions about using social media for marketing live on air and we covered a LOT of valuable ground! The live session was incredibly fun to make and provides a lot of value to any MSP who want to generate more qualified leads and win more new business so I’d highly recommend you grab a cup of coffee and listen to the golden nuggets of advice provided by everyone one on the panel.

In the session you will discover:

  • What Should You Talk About on Social Media?
  • Which topics do prospective customers like to hear about?
  • Should you use Blogging? Video? Podcasts? The panel explores what works for them and how they produce content quickly and effectively.
  • How To Win New Customers
  • How to take a conversation from social media and into the real-world to win a new customer.
  • Overcoming The Fear That You’re Giving Too Much Away

How to view the video on demand

You can now view the video-on-demand at your leisure.

Visit the Avast Business BrightTalk ( website and register for free. If you’re already registered, then here’s a direct link to this Social Media video. ( )


I would also highly recommend checking our Richard’s blog which you can find here

Enjoy the session

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