Making your MSP business fit for the 2020’s

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2019

I am delighted to be invited back for a second time to speak at the CRN MSP conference that takes place in London on October 2nd where I be sharing ‘What Winning Next Gen MSP Sales Teams Do Differently”

In the session I will be sharing:

  • Why B2B customers have become increasingly uncertain about how to navigate purchasing decisions.
  • What B2B decision makers are seeking out in MSP sales teams today.
  • Why traditional solution, consultative & relationship selling are no longer enough for your sales team to win & win consistently.
  • How to articulate the value in your MSP offerings into an outcome-based value proposition that meets your customers business requirements.
  • How selling change, not products or time will ensure you differentiate in an increasingly crowded market, are truly trusted and have a higher customer lifetime value

Here’s some attendee’s feedback from the previous session I ran

“Hi Fiona, I just wanted to feedback on your presentation today and how much I enjoyed you bringing some energy and engagement to the CRN MSP conference. You smashed it!” Mark

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