Why B2B customers have become increasingly uncertain about how to navigate purchasing decisions in IT

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2019

When I started my career in IT sales selling Anti-Virus software the buyers journey was relatively simple. The customers were largely in the driving seat and most knew what they wanted. The purchasing decision to buy AV was also relatively quick unless you had to complete a RFP, which is my opinion was a waste of time, unless you were going in safe in the knowledge that you were the cheapest provider as 80% of most RFP criteria was based solely on price. 


Fast forward to today’s buying journey and it looks more like a London Tube map as it has a lot more steps in it and has become much more complex


The complexity has left B2B decision makers literally pulling their hair out and they have become increasingly uncertain about the best way to navigate buying decisions.


This is largely due to the information age that we live in and the wealth or information available online but as we all know when you are researching for information online it is incredibly easy to fall down that warren hole and head straight into paralysis by analysis and information overload. It is for this reason a lot of buying decision are stalled or delayed as when prospects are in this confused state it can only lead to one thing and that is INACTION!


A lot of B2B sellers today make the mistake of thinking their customers are still in the driver’s seat—empowered, armed to the teeth with information, and so clear about their needs but customers don’t see it that way. Yes, they are indeed more educated however they are also deeply uncertain and stressed!


So what can sales teams do today to help alleviate the uncertainty and stress of their prospects?


In a recent LinkedIn survey the B2B respondents survey said:


94% of B2B decision makers are now seeking out sales teams that exhibit specific insights into their company's problems!


“The fastest way to a B2B buyer’s heart is through engaging their mind. B2B buyers are 5x more likely to engage with a sales professional who provides new insights about their business.


Insights also make a huge difference when a sales professional contacts a prospect for the first time: they leave an  85x better impression than a cold call


These are pretty impressive figures that make it crystal clear ! To empower your customers and help them to make buying decisions without the stress and confusion they are currently experiencing you need to lead with Insights and help your customers to see how technology can help them to achieve their desired business outcomes and goals.


Now is the time to step up in IT sales and instead of just being the IT Gal or Guy become the true trusted advisor your customers want and need. When you do it’s a win-win! Your customers make better buying decision and you win and retain and more new business.


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