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Does any of this sound familiar?

You are in IT Channel Sales and feeling frustrated as your sales pipeline and results are not where you want them to be

You work for a Reseller/VAR and used to be a top performer but now you are barely hitting target and are struggling to make the shift from selling ‘Tin’ to ‘As A Service’

You work for an MSP and have been great at selling break-fix and winning business from referrals but you are finding it hard to win and retain new business and sell more profitable managed service contracts

You are an account manager and you are struggling to get your existing customers to spend more frequently with you

You are in new business sales but have no consistent flow of qualified leads coming to help you hit your target

If so, you are not alone!

I’m Fiona Challis and trust me I see thousands of existing channel sales professionals that are all facing exactly the same challenges daily! Having been a channel sales person myself and having trained over 10,000 channel sales people since setting up my IT sales training business, I understand how tough it can be in IT sales to win, and win consistently in an incredibly competitive marketplace.

For some, being in channel sales today is tougher than it has ever been. Why? Because of the sheer speed of transformation that the market is going through.

  • Technology is evolving at the speed of light
  • Our customers are evolving how they want to buy and they are no longer concerned with owning hardware
  • Business models are evolving away from selling traditional IT products and ‘Tin’ to selling ‘As a Service’ and increasing recurring revenue streams
  • The services market is seeing exponential growth and partners are looking for the best sales people to quickly help them grab their slice of the pie
  • Forward thinking MSP’s who have already made the transformation are leading the way with maximising the cyber security opportunity we have upon us

The Market Has Evolved But Who Is Helping The Existing Channel Sales Teams To Evolve ?

And here in lies the problem. You see when everything around you is transforming and evolving it requires existing channel sales teams to also make a change!

Why I created The
Next Gen Sales Academy 

Helping existing channel sales teams to transform and evolve is one of the main reasons that I created the Next Gen Sales Academy and the 90-day Sales Transformation Challenge. The second reason is because I honestly believe that there has never been a better time to be in channel sales! Why…..because there isn’t a business problem today that we can’t solve with the technology we sell!

However, to solve business problems channel sales teams need to learn how to sell change, how to sell business outcomes and how to lead with business insights, not speeds and feeds and products and this requires retraining and upskilling as the traditional sales techniques that may have served you well previously will no longer serve todays educated IT decision makers.

There is support for channel sales teams to get back in control of their sales results.

Join The Next Gen Sales Academy Today

Forward thinking channel companies and existing channel sales professionals who have already evolved by joining the Next Gen Sales Academy and completing the 90 Day Sales Transformation Challenge have been able to transform not only their sales pipeline and sales results. They have also increased their confidence, the value their customers get from them and their salary or sales profit.

Vin and His Team From WEM Technology felt...

"Fiona's program has fundamentally changed our business in ways we never thought imaginable. Many of the initiatives have helped us define new service bundles and lead generation strategies." - Vin Jauhal | Managing Director - Wem Technology

Imagine this...

...being able to not just get back in control of your sales pipeline and results but even better than that, imagine starting each month or quarter with 40% plus of your target already met as you have a consistent flow of recurring revenue coming in each month from the profitable managed services contracts that we have helped you to sell? No more living from one deal to the next and starting all over again every month or quarter!!

Yes! I Want To Get Back In Control Of My Sales Results

So, What Exactly Do You Get In The Sales Academy & The 90 Day Challenge?

Bite- Size Online Sales Training Modules Designed To Help You Evolve

Business Focused
Technology Tracks

Money Making
Monday's Web-Class

Monthly Channel
Expert Sessions

Exclusive Member Only
Monthly Podcasts

Quarterly Face To Face Workshop With Fiona Challis

To get started on the sales challenge there are 9 Online Sales Training Modules to complete. These modules are:

  • Specifically designed for Resellers/VARS, MSP’s and MSSP’s.
  • Created with channel sales professionals to help you understand how you need to evolve your sales process, approach, motion and mind set.
  • Broken into small bite size chunks so that they can be completed in a coffee break or lunch break.
  • Delivered by Fiona and available for you watch on any device.

Business Focused Technology Tracks

Solution selling is obsolete and relationship and consultancy selling are no longer enough for you to win and win consistently. Instead what B2B decision makers want from sales today is sales people who can exhibit specific insights into their business problems and lead with valuable business insights that will help them to achieve their business goals. This section of the challenge includes live video’s tutorials to show you how to sell services and technology by leading with business insights.

12 x ‘Money Making Mondays’ Weekly Sales Master Class

On top of the foundational modules  that you will need to complete to retrain I know that you still have a number to hit and I am a firm believer in learn whilst you earn therefore on top of the initial training you will gain access to 12 of our ‘Money Making Mondays’ Sales Masterclass where we will look at tactical ways that you can generate qualified prospects, get more sales appointments, fill your sales pipeline, win and retain new business & increase customer spend and make more profit. 

Every week is a new Monday Making Masterclass and they last approx. 30 minutes and will also have a Q&A to answer your burning sales questions.

Monthly Expert Sessions

Each month you can get access to expert sessions where I interview or host a workshop where we have a channel, Industry or Technology expert providing advice how you can succeed in the channel. Topics we cover include:

  • Digital Marketing and Lead Generation
  • Recruitment
  • How to think and act service
  • What is working for other MSP’s in the market?

3 x Channel Sales Hero Podcasts

Access to 3 of our Channel Sales Hero Podcast where you will get to meet and hear from existing academy members and real channel sales people who have a target to hit just like you. You will hear what is working for them, which campaigns and messages are delivering the best result and what they are doing in channel sales to get achieve their ‘Channel Hero Status’

Quarterly Workshop & Graduation

At the end of your 90 days you will be invited to our highly recommended face to face workshop. In the workshop you will get to spend a full day with myself and other channel professionals who are also completing the challenge. The workshop is designed to help you implement what you have learned online and in a safe and practical environment. Our workshops are also packed with top tips on what is working for others in the channel.

To add even more value to the 90 Days Channel Sales Transformation Program and to give you the chance of achieving success I want to also include these bonuses worth £1500

A Complete New Business Toolkit

A New Business Toolkit that includes examples of social media posts, Linked in messages, customer engagement emails and campaigns that are successfully helping our academy members to win and retain new business

A Cyber Security Upsell Campaign

A Cyber Security Upsell campaign that includes a state of the SMB security report that you can send to your clients that will remove the ‘This Won’t Happen To Me’ illusion a lot of SMB customers have.

End-Of-Life Windows 7 and Server 2008 Migration Campaign

A toolkit that will help you educate prospects and clients on the security risks of not upgrading and why they need to upgrade to a newer version of the operating system now.

All of this is included in the 90 Days Channel Sales Transformation Challenge ...but are YOU up for the challenge and do you have what it takes?

Trusted By Leading Channel Vendors, Distributors & Partners

"The training was excellent and very relevant to selling Recurring Revenue and solutions. Focussing on the business outcomes rather than on your own products has resulted in having much better relationships with my clients! ." - Lucie Blunt – AAG Systems LTD

"Engaging, interactive and loaded with information – The Next Gen sales training is the most up to date and focused sales training that I have done in a long time." - Richard Harrison | Freestyle IT

To join the sales transformation program it is normally Full Price - £597 plus VAT

However today you can join us for only ...

A single payment of



One Time



3 payments of only






This is a limited offer will only be available today on this page as it is a Massive Action Taker Offer Only!

After this the joining fee will increase to £597 plus VAT so you are getting a massive 50% saving by joining and getting instant access today.

Have You Got What it Takes to Succeed with This Program?

There are two key qualities that our most successful academy members have and it is these qualities that shows me they have what it takes to be the face of successful channel sales in 2020

  1. They invest time into developing themselves and don’t rely on their companies for their success
  2. They are Massive Action Takers!

You have already demonstrated that you have the same qualities by attending one of our webinars and here is your opportunity to take massive action

Frequently Asked Questions

A  - Great question! All of the training is divided into 10-15 minutes chunks. To complete the initial modules it will take approx. 15 minutes per day. Then you join our weekly sales master class which is optional but highly recommended and that will be minimum 30 minutes per week so please allow a minimum of 90 minutes per week for the challenge.

A –  Yes, companies can pay on your behalf however let me ask you a question. Who is truly responsible for your success? If you aren’t willing to invest as little as £99 per month in your own self -development why should your company invest in you. Sorry if that sounds harsh however the most successful channel people I see invest in themselves first and if they want to ask their companies to support the investment to claim it back through expenses so that they don’t miss out.

A – Firstly congratulations for being a true leaders and investing in your existing channel sales teams! We can set the entire team up today if you send a PO for the full amount to [email protected]. Once we receive the PO I will reach out to you to get all learners full names and email addresses and we set everyone up for immediate access.

- The clue is in the question….it’s not general sales training 😊 This is unlike any other sales training as it has been designed purely for channel sales professionals and in particular Resellers/VARs, MSP’s and MSSP’s. We don’t teach basic 101 sales skills like how to introduce yourself, ask open questions, how to sell features and benefits and how to solution sell as these are

Final Thought...

As a leaving thought let me ask you one last question. When is the last time a customer said to you ‘ I will get back to you’ or ‘I’ll have a think about it’  but you knew that it would never happen?

When customers know, like and trust you and they can see the value you add you never hear this objection (something you will learn in the challenge). You will also find that when you have served customers well and deliver massive value they are willing to take massive action and take the first step to working with you without any hesitation so I hope that I have served you well today and I look forward to us working together!

Yes, I see the value! Let me in and bring on 2020!